Book, start, and go green!

Introducing our new electric Nosmoke, called Sky, now available to rent! We offer the option to rent the Nosmoke at 50€ per hour, and any longer the prices are then the same as the classic Mini Mokes.

Enjoy all the same sensations of driving a Mini Moke, but without the noise, the smell of petrol, and those sometimes tricky gear changes!

Our brand new electric Nosmoke, is so easy to handle, with power steering, and of course its automatic! It has a radio with USB port so you can continue to listen to our playlist on Spotify. We have also added our own bespoke hood, with the recognisable stripes of The Jolly Mile!

It has an autonomy of 70km, and a top speed of 70kph. Due to the limited autonomy, its use is strictly confined to just Sotogrande.

The Nosmoke is fully street legal, and you only need a motorcycle license to be able to drive it! We have also lowered the minimum age to just 18 for the Nosmoke.

We deliver it with the charging cable, and all you have to do is connect it to a standard 220v house plug socket and leave it to charge overnight!

We recommend that you have access to a plug socket on the ground floor, otherwise charging may be tricky!