The Grand Opening of The Jolly Mile in Marbella and the Arrival of the Electric MOKE in Spain.

At the heart of Marbella, at The Jolly Mile showroom, a new chapter in automotive excitement began with the grand opening of The Jolly Mile, celebrating the arrival of the genuine electric MOKE in Spain. Hosted by us, The Jolly Mile team, the event took place on Thursday, June 13th, at Carril de Picaza, 29670 Marbella, Málaga, and was a vibrant testament to innovation, style, and community spirit.

We were honored to host members of MOKE International from London, who were eager witnesses to the events and joined in the celebration of MOKE’s arrival on the peninsula. Their presence added to the excitement and underscored the significance of this momentous occasion

As guests arrived at 7:00 pm, they were greeted by an atmosphere buzzing with anticipation and energy. The Jolly Mile, with its “jolly” ambiance and relaxed design, provided the perfect backdrop for this historic moment. Attendees enjoyed a delightful array of canapés and drinks, mingling and sharing in the excitement of the evening.

Adding to the lively spirit of the event, a DJ played upbeat tunes, setting the perfect soundtrack for the occasion. The highlight of the night, however, was the live painting on a MOKE by renowned artist Sebastian Marc Graham. Born and raised in Spain, Graham’s vibrant watercolors are inspired by his seaside upbringing and international outlook. His work includes illustrations, murals, and fashion fabric prints, seen in magazines and at luxury resorts such as the Marbella Club and L’Ermitage in Beverly Hills. Known for his colorful and expressive style, Graham’s live painting brought the vehicle to life, merging art and the reflections of Marbella’s vibrant spirit in a way that captivated everyone present.

The electric MOKE, an emblem of sustainable innovation and classic charm, made a striking entrance into the Spanish market. Its presence at The Jolly Mile symbolized not just a new mode of transportation, but a lifestyle choice that aims to recapture the glamorous essence of a bygone era, transporting guests back to a time when the city was synonymous with luxury, sophistication, and sun-soaked elegance.

As the evening progressed, the joy and enthusiasm of the crowd were palpable. The opening of The Jolly Mile and the arrival of the electric MOKE signified more than just a business venture; it was a celebration of joyfulness, creativity, and a new lifestyle. This event marked the beginning of a new era, where tradition meets innovation, and the journey of the electric MOKE in Spain was off to a spectacular start.

We couldn’t have imagined a more fitting destination than Marbella for this grand celebration, embodying the perfect blend of coastal glamour and modernity that the electric MOKE represents.