In this blog, we are going to talk about Sotogrande car rental and why the Mini Moke in our opinion is the choice in Sotogrande.

So why is it necessary to rent a car in Sotogrande? Well, although Sotogrande may be sparsely populated, it is actually a very large resort. I mean, think about it, there are 5 championship golf courses all within Sotogrande! The size of the resort is approximately 25 square kilometres. Its pretty large, with plenty of nature, including hills, golf courses, cork trees, beaches and the sea.

Unfortunately, public transport in the area is not great either, and quite unreliable. Having a car gives you the freedom and independence that staying in a resort as large as Sotogrande requires. In fact, you will probably need a car for just about anywhere you go within the resort, whether it be to the supermarket, the shopping centre, the golf or tennis club, the polo, the beach or the port. So clearly, one needs a car to move around here. It’s not just to get around the resort either. Whilst on holiday one can also visit the beautiful white villages nearby such as Castellar de la Frontera, Jimena de la Frontera, and Casares, all within half an hour drive from Sotogrande.

So, we have gathered that it is absolutely necessary to rent a car when staying in Sotogrande. Now, this is where The Jolly Mile comes in. So, why rent with us? Why rent a Mini Moke for your stay in Sotogrande?

Sotogrande car rental, we provide the X factor, or the fun factor, or the Jolly factor if you like! What does everyone want on their holiday? Fun! I’m absolutely convinced that you will have more fun on your holiday if you rent a Mini Moke instead of a normal car. After three years running this business, I have seen it with my own eyes and through the feedback of our very happy customers! I know what you are thinking though…you´re thinking, but what if we want to travel further afield, and visit cities that are too far to go in a Moke, such as Marbella, Málaga, or Tarifa? What we find is that a lot of families hire two cars, a normal one that can be practical and used for long distances, and a Mini Moke too, to use locally.

There are many reasons why you should rent a Mini Moke with The Jolly Mile, such as the following;

  • Is not just your regular Sotogrande car rental. Its personal, accessible, and friendly customer service. 
  • Trust – 37 reviews on Tripadvisor and counting, all 5 stars!
  • 2020 Travellers Choice award – this is an award by Tripadvisor for attractions that consistently earn great reviews from travelers and are ranked within the top 10% of properties on Tripadvisor.
  • Whatsapp – available on WhatsApp to communicate.
  • Little Paperwork – we try to do as little paperwork as possible. Nothing worse than endless forms to read and sign. Of course, we have to have some, but far less than the usual car rental company!
  • Delivery and collection to your home – this means no waiting around in a stuffy office, convenience and time saved.
  • Fuel included – we deliver the Moke with a full tank of fuel and you do not need to return the Moke with a full tank. This is one of the things I most hate about renting a normal car. On the last day of your holiday, already stressed about getting to the airport on time and not missing your flight, the last thing you need is to have to search for a petrol station as close to the airport as possible in order to return the car with a full tank.
  • Airport pickup – some of you may also be thinking…ok we would love to rent one when we are in Sotogrande, but then how do we get there from the airport? This is why we offer a pickup and dropoff service to/from Málaga airport. Drive a classic car without the hassle of maintaining it.
  • Look good and move around in style – I assure you that the Mini Moke is one of the coolest cars you can drive in, and it receives more attention than a Ferrari!
  • FUN – Yes, it’s that word again, but it is such a FUN car! Especially for kids!
  • JOLLY – and sooo jolly! I think what I like most about the Mini Moke is the effect it has on people and passers-by. Everyone loves it, and everyone smiles. Enjoy the feeling of driving a classic car.
  • A real driving experience – driving a Mini Moke feels like proper driving. You are low and close to the ground, there is no power steering, there is the smell of petrol and the sound of the engine, and with no doors or roof (although perhaps a canvas hood), it really is a true driving experience.
  • Look cool – oh yeah, and you look pretty cool whilst you drive it too.
  • Jolly Mile Spotify playlist – no need to try to find the songs that become attached to your holiday memories, just put on The Jolly Mile playlist on Spotify! A mix of all types of music, but all songs that will have you singing with that warm summer feeling.

I think the best way to conclude this blog is to say that I like to think of The Jolly Mile as not a car rental company, but rather one of the experiences. When you rent a Mini Moke, what you are getting from us is not just a car rental, but an experience, that I assure you will make a truly positive difference to your whole holiday experience and memories.

Feel it, live it, Moke it!